Trayvon Martin Shooting: Voice Experts Claim Cries Heard On 911 Call Were Not George Zimmerman's

One expert, Tom Owen, used voice identification software to rule out Zimmerman as the source. From the Sentinel:

"I took all of the screams and put those together, and cut out everything else," Owen says.

The software compared that audio to Zimmerman's voice. It returned a 48 percent match. Owen said to reach a positive match with audio of this quality, he'd expect higher than 90 percent.

"As a result of that, you can say with reasonable scientific certainty that it's not Zimmerman," Owen says, stressing that he cannot confirm the voice as Trayvon's, because he didn't have a sample of the teen's voice to compare.

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Tape twist in Trayvon case

The neighborhood watchman who fatally shot Florida teen Trayvon Martin is not the one whose cries for help are heard in a 911 call moments before he pulled the trigger, a forensic expert said yesterday, further casting doubt on his self-defense claim.

The expert, an authority in voice identification, analyzed the call and concluded the screams aren't from George Zimmerman.

The pleas for help were so loud, they could be heard by the dispatcher.

"I took all of the screams and put those together and cut out everything else," Tom Owen told the Orlando Sentinel.

Zimmerman, 28, told police he was assaulted by 17-year-old Martin after calling 911 to report that the youth was behaving suspiciously on Feb. 26 in Zimmerman's gated community in Sanford.

Owen, however, said his Easy Voice Biometrics software gives just a 48 percent match to Zimmerman, when 90 percent is the norm for a match.

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Trayvon Martin case: Screams on 911 tape aren't George Zimmerman's: experts

The panicked cries for help caught on a 911 call the night Trayvon Martin was killed were not coming from shooter George Zimmerman, forensic experts say.

Two leading forensic voice identification experts who listened to a 911 call from a neighbor at the Sanford, Fla., gated community where Martin was gunned down told the Orlando Sentinel that the screams didn't match Zimmerman's voice.

Using sophisticated voice match software, Tom Owen, forensic consultant for Owen Forensic Services LLC and chair emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, told the Sentinel that there was only a 48% chance that it was Zimmerman crying for help on the tape.

Usually, a positive match rates higher than 90%.

"As a result of that, you can say with reasonable scientific certainty that it's not Zimmerman," Owen said.

Owen, the former chief engineer for the New York Public Library's Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound, also said he couldn't be sure that the voice was Martin's because he didn't have a sample of the teen's voice.

But a second audio sleuth said he heard the teen screaming for his life.

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Forensic audio experts Allen and Owen have had long, interesting careers deciphering the sounds of crime

From mobsters and murderers to terriorists and even a chatty presidential hopeful, forensic audio specialists Stuart Allen and Tom Owen have scruntinized, analyzed -- and testified about -- an extrordinary array of recorded subjects and suspects.

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Audio Expert: Britney Recording Was 'Manipulated'

A highly-respected audio expert tells TMZ ... Jason Alexander's recording of the woman he claims is Britney Spears "has been electronically stepped on."

Tom Owen of OWL Investigations, and Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee of Forensic Audio, tells TMZ, the tape was "doctored" to such a severe extent, there's no way to conduct a meaningful voice-recognition test.

Owen says the tape has been "stepped on at least 3 times." With noise reduction, equalization and removal of voice qualities such as natural timbre, sibilance and tonal qualities, it's impossible to determine whether Britney's voice is on the tape.

Owen says Britney has a "very vanilla voice" and that with manipulation it wouldn't be that difficult to make someone sound like her.

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